CINECITTÁ Operation, Augmented Reality Experience for the Annual Rome Video Game Lab produced by QAcademy SRL Social Enterprise in Rome

MUFANT Turin, Museum of Science Fiction cultures, Operation: Augmented Reality to explore the library of the Museum

POLITECNICO of TURIN Italy, Operation: Masterclass in Augmented Reality in the scope of the Avant Gardes of the 20th Century

MUSIC INNOVATION HUB, Milano LINECHECK Festival, Operation: Augmented Reality experience on Via Tortona,

UNIVAQ – University of L’Aquila, Operation: Workshop and Production of Augmented Reality for the annual event “Night of the Science”

Cultural Association Passaggi D’Autore – Sardinia Operation: Production of Augmented Reality related to the Myths of Mediterranean sea in the scope of the annual festival.

Ass Cult RADIOROSBRERA – Milano, Operation : website and awareness building and music selection activities www.radiorosbrera.com

UNITO – University of Turin Italy, Operation: Workshop for the dissemination of Augmented Reality practice in Urban Spaces

UNIPA – University of Palermo Italy Art Music and Show dept., Operation: Masterclass in Augmented Reality for scripted content,

Festival of the Cinema of Pesaro, Operation: Augmented Reality Production for the public square where the festival takes place,

Bella – Bg Operation: photo shooting

Kate international – Bg Operation: photo shooting

Alpha Bank – Bg Operation: photo shooting

Triada Hotels – Bg Operation: photo shooting

Zora Hotel – Bg Operation: photo shooting

Jasmine – Bg Operation: photo shooting

DINEVI Group – Saint Vlas Operation: photo shooting

Sesame Casino Chain – Bg Operation: photo shooting

Aksakov20 Business Center – Bg Operation: photo shooting

Mr. Bricolage Bg – Photographic material

MRA Academy – Turin Italy – Digital Content Management