Miglena Todorova across the first decade of the 2000 dedicated her skills in the creation and production of events focused in Social Development and Cultural Cohesion purposes.
The live events she curated had the aims to provoke an evolution across many layers of the Bulgarian society considering also the troubled time in which that society was challenged to overpass at the speed of “light”.


MY DREAM was an overwhelming and spectacular one-night event where the international acclaimed Chinese crew of person in disabilities chosen Bulgaria for their annual performance.
The event is a blatant demonstration of the power of the human spirit able to cross the limits of human body and of the society.


King of the Sun is a clear example of how a cultural event in Europe could move and inspire the audience and Meggy did that far before the policies of the Commission related to the protection and telling of the common European heritage.
The event was a great endeavor , it consisted in a one-night event with 50 dancers coming from 11 national theaters coming from all over Europe and Russia:
-National Ballet of Sweden,
-National Ballet of Spain,
-Marinski Theater,
-Ballet from Bolshoj, Mihailovski,
-Dance crew of Petersburg,
-Ballet Moskva,
-Eifamn Ballet,
-Net National Ballet,
-Staatsballet Berlin

City To City Cabaret
with Nigel Charnock

Project executed for the British Council of Sofia with Nigel Charnok

7 Hours Seminar for professionals

The seminar of Jeoffrey Gitomer in 2010 was exactly in wake to provoke. That event elated and inspired the full society of Bulgarian business people in a new thinking where dedication and love for what we do is the key to achieve concrete outcomes.

Let’s be Good – Social Campaign

A campaign about the inclusion of people having disabilities.